taking a break

We are taking a one month break from the fertility campaign.  It is an involuntary break, due to two cysts left over from the last unsuccessful IUI cycle (have to wait for them to wither away but apparently this is common), and an impending 5 day vacation to Utah, where we are visiting my partner’s family.

I have mixed feelings about this idle time. Today I realized that the New York State budget will probably be passed before I even finish my next IUI cycle. I went off the pill in Feb. ’09. How is it possible that my efforts to conceive have outlasted two state budget battles?

In case this seems unrelated: NYS actually has a grant funded IVF program. They give people under a certain household income money for IVF.  Last week, someone from the state informed me that there will be some money (albeit less than last year) in it this year’s budget. It is disturbing that the governor would rather cut basic services and hike tuition at public universities than eliminate IVF grants. A friend smartly suggested to me that it might have something to do with propping up medical tech industries.  Next year the budget cuts will be worse, as there will be no federal stimulus and Cuomo has vowed to freeze taxes.

I still hope to secure a chunk of that IVF money for myself, though. If this third IUI cycle doesn’t work, we’ll be faced with a bunch of depressing choices, one of which will be paying $8,000 for a 55% chance to produce a live human baby (apparently that is the success rate for people in my age group).


One Response to “taking a break”

  1. Karen M. Says:

    Very smart about state subsidization of medical tech industry.

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