Back in NY

I’m back in NYC after five days in Utah, three of which were spent camping . It was deliciously chilly at night and extra fun to be reminded of the function of a sweater. See below for photo documentation of a characteristically gorgeous hike. There were moose involved in this wilderness experience, too, and many dozens of my partner J’s cousins and offspring.

It was a great break, but too short. I’m at work again, and back at Dr. Stein’s, about to plunge into the third and final IUI cycle.

Here’s something that has changed in my absence:  the State of New York  passed a budget. It imposes a bunch of regressive taxes, cuts over a billion bucks in school aid and paves the way for state universities to hike tuition. Lucky for me (I hope), it preserves some of the the IVF grant funding. It seems to have been cut 50 percent from last year– though I am not positive about this — and Dr. Stein told me this morning that it will likely be eliminated next year, when the budget hole will be even larger.

Stewart Falls, in Uinta National Forest

One Response to “Back in NY”

  1. man, that is so depressing about the budget. not that they are funding IVF — it’s always cool to make luxuries available to people who aren’t part of the leisure class, and that should be a responsibility of a state under capitalism, but that they aren’t even considering taxing the wealthy in such a manner that helps to produce more equality rather than using the state to help implement more severe inequality.

    sounds like utah was gorgeous. glad you had fun camping, and that photo is lovely! welcome back.

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