Inventor of IVF scores Nobel

Check out today’s NY Times article on Robert G. Edwards, the British scientist who, along with colleague Patrick Steptoe , successfully created human embryos outside the body.

Go Robert Edwards! Is it just me, or is this the most endearingly disheveled old doctor you’ve ever laid your eyes on? If Dr. Stein looked like this I would be knitting him wool socks and baking him muffins every morning.

Brownie points for anyone who adds supportive comments to the article. There are too many commenters bloviating about overpopulation without mentioning unequal resource distribution or wealth inequality.  How about hiking taxes on the rich to fund reproductive services for everyone?


3 Responses to “Inventor of IVF scores Nobel”

  1. I knew you’d write about this!

    Oh, I have so much to respond to those “overpopulation” commenters, but I’ll do that on my blog. In the meantime, can I please vent about one thing? Why are they still referring to IVF as “test tube babies”? Drives me crazy. Haven’t we evolved from that yet?! Not a single test tube is used today.

  2. Oh my god what an endearing photo. I hope SOMEONE is knitting this man wool socks! And FM – totally agree with you about the ‘test tube babies’ thing – I actually heard that on the news. “The first test tube baby was born on…” So misleading and, um, is it 1983?!

  3. He reminds me of my grandpa! I bet he gives nice hugs. LOL!

    I have to steer clear of NYT comments. They get me too fired up.

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