If your fertility meds were muppets, what would they be?

As we’ve moved forward with this IVF cycle, I’ve started to get a more intimate feel for the personalities of the different shots. Inevitably, I’ve begun to think of them as muppets.

Lupron seems simple and quick, but for some reason the needle is bigger and I always have to jam it in my gut.

If Lupron was a muppet, it would be Sweetums, the gentle old monster — both have an outward appearance that belies their true nature.

Menopur is annoying for various reasons, the most obvious being that you have to mix the serum yourself.

If Menopur was a muppet, it would be Statler and Waldorf, the irritable old men who heckle the other muppets from their balcony seats.

I haven’t done the Gonal F pen for a while.  I remember it was easy to inject but I always worried that the dial was broken, causing me to was measure the wrong amount. There was something too easy about Gonal F.

If Gonal F was a muppet, it would be Link Hogthrob, the hunky idiot pig.

If your fertility medicine was a muppet what would it be?


2 Responses to “If your fertility meds were muppets, what would they be?”

  1. Oscar the Grouch. Oh wait, that’s what it turned me into…

  2. Ha! Yes, I start my Menopur tonight, and I will be thinking of those two cranky old men.

    And our cycles are like the Muppet Show itself – it all looks great at the beginning, but then ends up as a shambles.

    But every now and again, somehow everything comes together to produce something astounding.

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