British NHS cuts support for IVF

Check out this article in Nov. 5’s  Manchester Guardian about declining NHS support for IVF.  Due to budget cuts, infertiles in England will now have a lot more in common with infertiles in the US.

The author makes a few interesting points:

1) Decreasing state support for IVF means weakening standards. The author points to the example of one British woman who sought IVF treatment in an inadequately regulated clinic abroad and wound up pregnant with quintuplets, none of which are likely to survive.

2) The US is cited as an example of a country suffering the consequences of lack of IVF regulation. It’s common here to transfer more than one embryo at a time, which is apparently contrary to international standards.

3) There is a movement among fertility experts and reproductive endocrinologists away from IVF and towards lower cost, less invasive and lower dose infertility treatments.  I’m pretty sure that hasn’t made it to the US.

4)  In France, lesbians can’t get IVF. WTF?


One Response to “British NHS cuts support for IVF”

  1. yeah. i have a queer friend who lives in paris and was thinking of getting pregnant. she would have had to go to belgium, even for IUI. no fertility treatments i think unless you are in a heterosexual marriage. which is interesting, because the PACS in france is almost like a marriage contract, so it would seem that they would be more ahead of the times vis a vis queer stuff. but apparently not with fertility!!

    here’s the wilkipedia on the PACS:é

    interesting quote from it:

    A parliamentary “Report on the Family and the Rights of Children” was released on January 25, 2006. Although the committee recommended increasing some rights given in PACS in areas such as property rights, laws of succession and taxation, it recommended maintaining prohibitions against marriage, adoption, and access to medically-assisted reproduction for same-sex couples. Because of this, left-wing members of the committee rejected the report.

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