Will 2011 suck?

Things aren’t looking good. There’re the floods in Australia. There’re those tedious wars that US media outlets barely cover anymore. Our elected leadership in Washington diligently expands subsidies for the rich.  In New York we have a Governor who would probably feel more comfortable ruling from Pyonyang.

These days, it’s as hard for me to imagine a vibrant labor movement as it is a pile of dirty diapers in my living room.

I like the idea that the world is suffering a cosmic decline.  It’s irrational and grandiose, I know.  But it’s nicer than being an individual suffering from individual problems.

So maybe it’s time to list some hopeful signs.

  • Last Thursday a couple of thousand people descended on Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem to demand living wages. Every New Yorker should go to the campaign website and sign up to support them.
  • Even though the DREAM act didn’t pass in 2010, the “undocumented and unafraid” young people who led the effort were pretty darn inspiring. They’ll no doubt continue pushing the envelope in 2011.
  • In some places in the world, people still go on strike when their governments start destroying public structures like social security.

Here’s a thought to close with: Things can change a lot in one year.

The lunch counter sit-ins of 1960 went viral by 1961. And you can read here and here for infertility stories that show what a difference a year makes.

To a year of political and reproductive ferment!


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