Infertilitydoula had a post, “Stuck Between Two Worlds: Pregnancy After Infertility,” that inspired me to blog again.

My last IVF cycle — we did the retrieval on February 22nd — resulted in the long-awaited positive. But I didn’t blog about it for reasons I’m still not entirely clear about.

Partly it’s superstition. I don’t want to associate with the world I hope I am getting away from. I also dread the possibility (still very real) that I’ll soon be back at square one, but this time there will be father to fall.

Of course this flies in the face of my actual beliefs on this issue, which is that honesty on the part of infertiles helps school the ignorant.

The more people understand the reality of infertility and pregnancy loss, the less offensive advice (“try going on vacation!”), intrusive questions (“have you considered adoption?”) and irrelevant anecdotes (“my great aunt got pregnant at age 47”) we’ll all be subjected to.

For now, I will share factual information, like beta levels (294, 17 days post ovulation and 596, 20 days after) and ultrasound results (seemed normal at 6 wks, 1 day – but only had one so far). But I am not making assumptions about what it suggests about the future.


One Response to “news”

  1. I’m so glad you’re coming out of hiding. Sharing the news of a BFP can be more complicated than it seems. Most of your readers will be conflicted between feelings of happiness for you and wishing they had the long awaited BFP. There’s really no right way to go about sharing the news (well, don’t make some obnoxious announcement on FB!). Just be honest and tell us as much as you feel comfortable to. Meanwhile, I’m thrilled for you and wishing you continued healthy pregnancy.

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