Is Dr. Stein more procreative than ibn Saud?

You’ve heard of David Koch, right? You know, that billionaire who funded Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s holy war against workers.

You may also have heard of his philanthropic passions, which include natural history, opera and infertility research.

Yup. You read correctly.

I just came across a 2009 Koch interview with the Archeological Institute of America.  In what is an otherwise remarkably coherent conversation, Koch responds to the interviewer’s comment about the increasing focus on physical science (at the expense of genetic science) as follows:

My wife and I are a major supporter of a fertility clinic in New York and it’s incredible what they’ve done to create normal adults from infertile people. They have an understanding of how eggs develop, that’s why they’ve been so successful.

The head guy over at New York Presbyterian Hospital is responsible for about 15,000 normal healthy babies. I used to think ibn Saud was a hell of a guy. He was the founder of modern Saudi Arabia and he had 700 children. But I told the guy at NYPH, you’re up to 15,000 and counting. You’ve got ibn Saud beat by a mile.



One Response to “Is Dr. Stein more procreative than ibn Saud?”

  1. I’ve noticed that you haven’t posted in a while (I’m the one to talk). Wanted to check in. Do post an update when you’re ready.

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